Patient Care - Protocol

Long Term, Bedridden, Terminally Ill


Patients suffering from:

Cancer, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia,

Incurable genetic diseases, Perennial Accident Victims

We are a Palliative Care Initiative and not a funding agency;

Hence we do believe in providing care and facilitating sustainable support in kind and not in cash.

Our support system comprises of:

         Emotional support

o   By us, the volunteers, through our regular home care visits on weekends and also in the evenings of week days on emergency circumstances wherever required,

o   Includes all out efforts to integrate the family members for the betterment of the patient

o   Curbing the emotional isolation or feeling of solitude of the patient

         Social support

o   Monthly food ration to the patient and family when the main/ sole bread earning member of the family himself falls ill and there is no other source of income to sustain,

o   Or the bread earning member is unable to earn as he/she is the only carer for the patient and his/her continued presence is unavoidable for the well being of the patient.

o   Food ration expense support when the patient is admitted in hospital and does not have anybody else except the bystander as the family member and the bystander does not have any means to earn his/her livelihood while attending the patient.

         Medical support

o   Medical care including pain management and advice by our volunteer doctors on a need based method during home care and also when the patient is hospitalized.

o   Nursing care for bed sore management, urine catheters change etc.

         Medicinal Support

o   Facilitating medicines to the very limited level when the patient and family are found to be not in a position to afford the medicines which are essential for the recovery, palliation of the patient.

         Diagnostic Support

o   Partially supporting when the patient is advised to undergo diagnostic tests for assessing the level of disease for deciding the treatment protocol and not in a position to afford the costs, nor able to get the tests done in Government hospitals at concessional rates.

         Bereavement support

o   To the family of the diseased patient if the family was a Monthly food ration support recipient from DNipCare

o   When the family is not in a position to afford the cost of necessary bereavement requirements.


However, presently we are unable to take up the cases of;

1.      Kidney patients requiring regular dialysis as we do lack in infrastructure for their continued costly treatment support.

2.      Though long term, but curable diseases like heart problems and other such ailments.