The volunteers of DNipCare celebrated Eid and Onam today with the Cancer patients of Shanti Avedana Sadan, Delhi, the Hospice Centre for advance stage Cancer patients.  The celebration was marked with cultural program by both volunteers and the patients actively participating.  When one patient, who had not been out of bed for the last ten days due to severity of the disease, came out and sang in rhythm with the vocal music of the volunteers the remaining patients also joined the choir along with their family membes.  To the utter dismay of everybody Mr. Satish Kumar another patient who cannot talk after tracheotomy braved his disease and enthralled the participants with his super skill on hand-drum.  Cutting across the cultural, language and community barriers, the music flew creating a special bond among these ailing patients, their carers  and the volunteers.  Mr. Antony Cyriac, the Treasurer of DNipCare was the lead singer with all other volunteers and patients.   The event ended with prayer song “Oh Malik tere bandhe ham” culminating the celebration spirit and leaving a fond memory in the minds of everybody.

Shamsher Ali, Mohd Jamsheer, Saleel, Badar Khan Suri, Muhammed A, Rafeeque, Janeesh P, Omana Gopal, Dr. MM Kunju, Prof. Habeebul Rahman VM, Babu Gurucharan SH, Ajith Kumar and KV Hamza etc., also seen along with patients.